My art-making practice has focused on two distinct areas: Photography and Ceramics.


In photography, I am interested in recording the emotional qualities of a scene through manipulating the way the camera, lens, and sensor record light and movement. As such, my photography makes use of manipulation of physical tools (lenses, filters, bellows, etc.) to create images in the camera. Digital tools are used mainly used to correct colour and tone. 


Inspired by decorative traditions in English, Spanish, and Islamic ceramics, these works explore the functional aspects of vessels, investigate the relationship between form and function, and celebrate the experience of using and holding objects in your hand. Technically, this body of work explores how atmospheric glazes such as salt glazing, soda glazing and wood fired techniques can be used to add an additional layer of mark-making to a vessel. 

Art Education

I am a Visual Art and ESL educator with over 12 years of experience teaching in international settings. View my Art Education Blog to see the kind of work I have been doing with middle school, high school, and university students. 


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